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Game Drives


Be one With Nature,see africa with all its majesty,We offer game drive into different parks housing different Wild animals.


Starts from $100

Animal Interaction


Are You an adveturer,or you seek that extra thrill?We provide upclose and personal interactions with wild animals.




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White Water Rafting


When the rapids are calling,you answer the wild call and experience an unforgatable thrill of a life time on africas most intense rafting experience. 

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Chobe Day/Night Tours


For all those that want a peep at the wildlife in the chobe national park we have both the day tour and the night tours for that extra experience.




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Game Walks


For All nature Lover we do offer various packages to suite your nature desires,be it bird watching and serine nature walk wehave you covered.




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 Groupon Specials...


If you are travelling in groups or have a special request pertaing to health of special diatery need,please to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help with any of you needs to ensure your african experience in unforgatable.